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Companies use refrigerator trucks, sometimes called “reefers,” to transport cargo that needs to be kept at a certain temperature, such as food and medicine. Refrigerator trucks have special temperature-control technology, typically powered by diesel fuel or electricity, that keep the cargo at a consistent temperature.

Because refrigerator trucks require the use of electricity or diesel fuel, they tend to be larger and heavier than traditional semi-trucks. Refrigerator trucks are also sometimes equipped with special braking systems that help the driver slow down the vehicle when carrying a heavy load. If these systems are not properly maintained, a refrigerator truck can pose a serious danger to other motorists on the road.

While refrigerator trucks serve an important purpose in making possible the efficient transportation of temperature-sensitive goods across the country, refrigerator truck accidents can be extremely dangerous. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there were 13.65 fatal large truck crashes per million people in the United States in 2019, a 29-percent increase from 10.6 in 2010. In 2019, on average, there was an average of just over one fatality per day in accidents involving large trucks such as refrigerator trucks.

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Common Types of Refrigerator Truck Accidents

Refrigerator truck accidents can occur in a number of ways, all of which can be catastrophic. Some of the most common types of refrigerator truck accidents include:

Jackknife Accidents

This occurs when the attached trailer of a refrigerated truck swings out from behind the cab at a sharp angle, forming a 90-degree angle with the cab, which is usually caused by an improper turn or braking maneuver. Jackknife accidents can be particularly dangerous because the driver loses control entirely over the skidding trailer.

Under-Ride Accidents

This type of accident occurs when another vehicle collides with the rear end of a refrigerated truck and becomes wedged underneath it. Underride accidents tend to occur at night when it is difficult for other drivers to see stopped or slow-moving trucks, often because a truck’s lighting systems are not functioning and/or its reflective warning signs have degraded. These accidents tend to be fatal.

Wide-Turn Accidents

Because large refrigerated trucks cannot complete right turns in the same small radius as smaller passenger vehicles, commercial truck drivers are often forced to make “wide turns,” i.e., begin a right turn from the second lane to the left instead of the designated right turn lane. Accidents frequently happen as a result.

Rear-End Collisions

These accidents are usually caused by truck drivers who are speeding, following too close, distracted, impaired, or fatigued. The sheer size and weight of a refrigerated truck can make a rear-end accident with a smaller passenger vehicle catastrophic.

Rollover Accidents

Truck rollovers are some of the most horrifying motor vehicle accidents imaginable. This type of accident occurs when a refrigerated truck overturns onto one side. Rollover accidents are often caused by a driver taking a turn too sharply, swerving to avoid a hazard in the roadway, or driving too fast for the conditions. Frequent contributing factors include reckless driving, speeding, driver distraction, driver fatigue, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, insufficient truck maintenance, and defects in the truck’s tires or axles (or other products liability issues).

T-Bone Accidents

This type of accident, also referred to as a “side-impact” or “broadside” accident, most commonly happens at an intersection, often when a refrigerated truck runs a red light, disregards a stop sign, or turns left in front of oncoming traffic without enough time to complete the turn, resulting in a collision with the side of an oncoming vehicle at roughly a 90-degree angle. Like rear-end collisions, T-Bone accidents are often caused by driver-related factors such as speeding, distraction, drug or alcohol impairment and fatigue. 

Sideswipe Accidents

These accidents are similar to T-bone accidents, except that they involve collisions with vehicles traveling next a refrigerated truck in the same direction. Sideswipe accidents are extremely dangerous because the size and weight of a truck can send a small passenger vehicle sideways into other lanes of traffic. Common causes include distracted, impaired, or fatigued driving, and/or failure to use turn signals or check blind spots.

Holding a Trucking Company Liable for a Refrigerator Truck Accident.

If you were involved in an accident with a refrigerator truck, you may be able to hold the truck driver and trucking company responsible for your injuries, in addition to several other potentially responsible parties. To do this, you will need to prove that the driver or trucking company was careless or negligent in some manner.

For instance, if the driver failed to obey traffic laws or if the company failed to adequately train the driver or properly maintain the truck, they could be held liable for your accident. But that is just the basics. There are many other parties who can be potentially be named as Defendants in refrigerated truck accident cases.

How Can A Lawyer Help With Your Case?

If you’ve been involved in an accident with a refrigerated truck, you may be feeling overwhelmed and unsure about what to do next. An experienced refrigerated truck accident attorney can help guide you through every step of your case so that you can focus on healing and moving on with your life.

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