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“The absolute best!”

I hired Alex Durst to represent me in a truck accident case that was very serious and traumatic. Everyone at the firm was super professional and responsive at all times. Especially Alex, who was great at keeping me informed and quickly addressed all my concerns whenever I was worried about something.

The truck company fought the case hard and tried to blame ME for the accident. My lawyers were not going to let that happen. They used private investigators to track down a key witness who was right behind me before the truck hit me who saw everything. Then they got bodycam videos from the police and a recorded 911 call from the truck driver that proved the truck driver was not telling the truth.

In the end, I got a GREAT settlement. It’s a huge relief to be able to move on from this terrible experience knowing justice was done. I’m so grateful to Alex for his help and having his firm on my side during this process.

Highly recommend!!!

- Gaby M.

Truck Accident Case

“Excellent attorney for a car accident case.”

Alex was wonderful, caring, knowledgeable about the law and incredibly competent. I was injured by a drunk driver, when the driver rear ended my car. My rehabilitation required months of physical therapy and doctor visits. Alex filed a lawsuit immediately and proceeded aggressively against the driver. The driver’s insurance company proposed a non-binding mediation and Alex suggested we give it a try. We had nothing to lose because we could always say no and walk away. Alex prepared for the mediation by blowing up the pictures of what was left of my car immediately after the accident. (The car was totaled). These pictures were a great visual for the mediator and the insurance adjuster. We settled at the mediation for a significantly larger amount than what we initially thought we could negotiate. This was due to the fact that Alex adjusted his negotiation strategy as the negotiation progressed. When he felt we could negotiate for higher, he did.

Alex also helped us with a subrogation issue with our work-comp settlement. Because I was injured doing work related activities, I filed for worker’s compensation. I received a settlement from work-comp before the mediation and the settlement with the drunk driver. The work-comp insurance tried to take their money back out of my personal injury settlement. And in a typical situation they would likely have been successful. But, because the settlements happened in different states and according to different laws, Alex was able to find a technicality that could prevent work comp insurance from obtaining any money. Rather than testing Alex’s legal theory in Court, the work-comp insurance company decided to settle for literally 1/10 of the money they claimed they were owed.

I will refer everyone I know to Alex. I was very lucky to have a lawyer so knowledgeable and caring.

- Alicia K.

Personal Injury Client

“I am very grateful and strongly recommend him as an attorney.”

While out of state on vacation I experienced a physical injury, followed by surgery, hospital stay, and lengthy recuperation.

When talking with family about this experience I was asked if I had thought about contacting an attorney to walk me through this situation and help me determine if legal action could be taken. The name Alex Durst was mentioned. I contacted Atty Durst and explained my experience, asking if he would be willing to take this case (even though I live halfway across the country from his law office). After thorough research of the circumstances he agreed to take the case and encouraged me to follow my conviction. I’m so very pleased to say that he said he would.

Through the entire (telephone and online) process of communications I found him to be very approachable and knowledgeable about the steps to be taken, making suggestions and negotiating on my behalf with determination, excellent communication skills, and complete follow-up to my questions with clear explanations.

All worked together to bring satisfactory closure to this chapter in my life. I am very grateful and strongly recommend him as an attorney,

Thank you Attorney Alex Durst!

- Kathy B.

Personal Injury Client

“Absolutely Recommend Durst”

Alex Durst was extremely helpful in navigating and negotiating my case, involving a car accident.

He was communicable, very easy to work with, and I ended up with a better than expected settlement. Alex is understanding, trustworthy, and works hard to ensure the satisfaction of his clients.

I absolutely recommend working with The Durst Law Firm.

- Rachel Q.

Personal Injury Client

“Negotiated our settlement to 20x”

Alex and his staff are knowledgeable and responsive. Alex was able to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company and their counsel that was more than 20 times what they had offered my wife and I prior to Alex’s representation! Alex has mastered the artful balance of being a bulldog for his clients while still maintaining the respect of opposing counsel and court personnel. If you are looking for representation that is honest, ethical, compassionate, and committed to the best outcome for your well-being…then look no further…Durst Law Firm will pursue your case with vigor and integrity.

– 25 year insurance claims professional and “raving fan” client of Durst Law Firm.

- Michael O.

Insurance Settlement


“Durst Delivers Top-Shelf Results.”

With our portfolio of over 200 rental units across multiple states, legal disputes are unavoidable. Over the past five years, The Durst Law Firm has represented us in dozens of civil cases, involving injunctions, partnership disputes, employment law, litigation with municipalities, breach of contract, fraud, and quiet title actions, among others, often with significant financial or business implications.

The Durst Law Firm delivers top-shelf results, both inside and outside the courtroom. We consider the firm’s attorneys part of our management and leadership team, and they act as such, helping us to work through strategic dialogues. They are outstanding advisors.

- Ben W.

CEO, WHAM Properties

Defense Victory

Successful 12(b)(6) dismissal of lawsuit seeking $10,499,166 in damages, obtaining victory on behalf of European business enterprise incorporated in the United States including complete dismissal of all claims adverse company officer.

Elec. Merch. Sys. LLC v. Gaal, et al.

No. 20-CV-1898, 2022 WL 2176537 (N.D. Ohio June 16, 2022).

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