Here is the status of the Erin Andrews trial:

Erin has now testified and been cross-examined. The stalker has testified too (a DVD of his previously-recorded deposition testimony was played for the jury). We now have more insight on how he found out what room she was in and what evidence the jury will have as to whether the Marriott is responsible. Here is The Tennessean’s summary:

Andrews took the stand and in tearful testimony described how she got bombarded by media coverage after the videos went viral, and how she feared for her safety before her stalker was arrested. She said people bring up the videos or jeer at her each time she covers a game. 

The 37-year-old said hotel staff never notified her a man was trying to stay next door. If she had known, she said, she would have called police. Andrews said she knew filing her civil lawsuit would revive media coverage, which she blamed for part of her humiliation, but said she had to stand up for herself and others.

Andrews’ mother, Paula Andrews, sobbed during her daughter’s testimony and rested her head on her husband Steve’s shoulder. Paula Andrews said her daughter was driven to succeed despite her fear the videos would end her career. 

“I almost think she’s trying to compensate and keep in control that aspect of her life,” Paula Andrews said. “Through no fault of her own she lost control. And by golly she’s going to show the world she can still make a living and be passionate about what she loves. And I’m proud of her.” 

Barrett testified via video deposition earlier Monday. He said he filmed about 10 women through hotel peepholes, but targeted Andrews because she was popular online and he wanted to sell the videos of her for money. He said he called to confirm Andrews was staying at the hotel by making it seem it was his own reservation. In a hotel restaurant he used a house phone and asked to be transferred to her room. The hotel phone showed her room number, he said.

Here is a video of Erin’s cross-examination:

For live updates from the Tennessean, click here. To watch the trial live, click here.

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