New Update in the 50 Cent Saga: “Bankrupt” 50 Cent Donates $100,000 to Charity???

June 13, 2016

50 Cent has supposedly had some money woes, to put it mildly. He declared bankruptcy, but creditors are fighting the bankruptcy hard, claiming 50 has fat stacks of cash stashed away, using photos posted to Instagram of 50 practically swimming in hundred dollar bills. When asked to explain himself, 50 claimed that the money in the pictures was fake.

Now there is a new development, and it involves Cincinnati. Well, kind of – the incident happened at CVG Airport, which is actually in Northern Kentucky.

50 was on his way to Cincinnati to promote Effen Vodka at Jungle Jim’s in Eastgate, when he videotaped himself assailing a young airport employee who he thought was on drugs. It turned out the young man was autistic. Oops! After an onslaught of public criticism, it has been reported that 50 is donating $100,000 to an autism charity. Wait a minute – isn’t he broke!!??? How will he explain this to the Bankruptcy Court? Is he paying in cash? Is another celebrity fronting him the money? If I were representing the bankruptcy creditors, I would start issuing subpoenas like it was my job…

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