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The lawyers at The Durst Law Firm are devoted to the art and craft of trial lawyering.

Corporate clients from all over the United States (and attorneys in need of local counsel) entrust us with complex commercial and employment matters that must be litigated or arbitrated in Ohio. People who have suffered life-altering injuries or lost a family member hire us in the most serious of transportation accident, products liability and other catastrophic injury matters – often newsworthy cases that most firms are unequipped to handle.

We pursue every case relentlessly, using our battle-tested skills to craft imaginative solutions in and out of the courtroom. Few boutique litigation firms can match our record.

Practice Areas

The Durst Law Firm serves clients in the following areas.

Commercial Litigation

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Transportation Accidents

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Personal Injury Cases

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Ohio Local Counsel Services

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“Top-Shelf Results.”

With our portfolio of over 200 rental units across multiple states, legal disputes are unavoidable. Over the past five years, The Durst Law Firm has represented us in dozens of civil cases, involving injunctions, partnership disputes, employment law, litigation with municipalities, breach of contract, fraud, and quiet title actions, among others, often with significant financial or business implications.

The Durst Law Firm delivers top-shelf results, both inside and outside the courtroom. We consider the firm’s attorneys part of our management and leadership team, and they act as such, helping us to work through strategic dialogues. They are outstanding advisors.

- Ben W.

CEO, WHAM Properties

Defense Victory

Successful 12(b)(6) dismissal of lawsuit seeking $10,499,166 in damages, obtaining victory on behalf of European business enterprise incorporated in the United States including complete dismissal of all claims adverse company officer.

Elec. Merch. Sys. LLC v. Gaal, et al., No. 20-CV-1898, 2022 WL 2176537 (N.D. Ohio June 16, 2022).

“Justice was done.”

The trucking company fought [my] case hard and tried to blame ME for the accident. [The firm’s] lawyers were not going to let that happen. They used private investigators to track down a key witness who was right behind me before the truck hit me who saw everything. Then they got bodycam videos from the police and a recorded 911 call from the truck driver that proved the truck driver was not telling the truth. In the end, I got a GREAT settlement.

- Gaby M.

$1,000,000 Settlement

Personal injury settlement in case where, due to landlord’s grossly negligent maintenance of property, woman and children were forced to jump from third floor apartment building to escape a fire. The client and her family remain friends of the firm.

Our Purpose, Values & Principles

Taken together, our purpose, values and principles are central to the character of The Durst Law Firm.

Our purpose unifies us in a common cause to win clients’ cases. Our values shape the tone of how we interact with clients, co-counsel, opposing counsel, Judges, and others in the legal community. And our principles articulate our unique approach to handling cases.

Our Purpose –

We will provide outstanding representation to our clients and be the best possible local and co-counsel for out-of-state attorneys.

Our Values –

Embracing our professional obligations. We provide zealous advocacy while maintaining uncompromising ethics in all interactions with colleagues, clients, and the courts.

Leadership. We are deeply committed to leadership in the Cincinnati legal community. Our lawyers serve in formal leadership roles in which they collaborate with Judges, attorneys, law schools, and legal aid organizations; present continuing legal education (CLE) programs; and mentor young attorneys and law students.

Passion for Winning. We have a compelling desire to be the best at what we do and are personally invested in obtaining the best possible result in each case.

Our Principles –

Mastery. We believe it is the responsibility of all of our professionals to continually develop themselves.

Innovation. By constantly reflecting, we continually hone our approach to litigation and client service.

Client Focus. We recognize the importance of developing a superior understanding of our clients and their needs. We visit personal injury clients at their homes to gain insight into how the injury has impacted their lives. With business clients, we go above and beyond to understand their businesses and unique legal needs.

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